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Spartacus War of the Damned – “Separate Paths” Review


Spartacus War of the Damned – “Separate Paths” Review


In “Separate Paths,” Spartacus and Crixus finally parted ways, but not under the tumultuous circumstances many might have thought would lead to the separation.  Indeed, the most recent episode of Spartacus War of the Damned was a monumental one, not just because of the outcome but because of how the episode paid homage to where the show has started, how far its gotten, and ultimately how it foreshadowed the inevitable end that is just around the corner.  Crixus, the savage and undefeated Gaul led a substantial force to set directly upon Rome.  He was unsuccessful in his attempt, which isn’t surprising considering had he won, it would have completely rewritten history.  However, that is not to say this episode wasn’t without craziness and the unpredictable.


The undefeated Gaul...

The undefeated Gaul…

Quite the contrary, actually.  The fact that one of Spartacus’ closest comrades, Agron, decided to leave with Crixus was a bit surprising.  His jealousy over Nasir’s friend has subsided, which is good because it was a bit childish, especially given the fact that people are being brutally killed all around him.  Agron deciding to leave was unexpected, though.  He was one of Spartacus’ Generals, but it turns out his ideology more closely matched Crixus’ mindset, surprising since the two have had their fair share of conflict and disagreement throughout the show.  The dialogue between Agron and Nasir was fitting, and it’ll be interesting to see how the relationship between Nasir and the pirate develops.

In the Roman camp, the rivalry between Tiberius and Caesar continued this week, and reached new and totally unforeseen heights.  In his restored position of power, Tiberius grew tired of Caesar’s treatment and being called a boy, to the point that he had his men hold down Caesar.  He then did the unthinkable, and raped Caesar!  For how crazy this show is, I still don’t think anyone anticipated that outcome.  Caesar will no doubt have his revenge, and if the previews for the next episode are any indication, Tiberius’ demise will not be a pleasant one.

Crassus and a Senator disagreeing.

Crassus and a Senator disagreeing.

Which is fitting, since the coward is responsible for killing two of the most beloved characters on the show.  His cheap shot on Agron was hard to watch, and while many believe that Agron isn’t dead yet, and might be among the group of soldiers Caesar offers in exchange for Tiberius’ life in the next episode, it’s disappointing to see a capable warrior fall to a weakling.  This is made even more painful when Crixus is stabbed in the back with a spear by the boy.  Crixus was engaged in a battle with Caesar, and instead of letting that epic fight play out, Tiberius plunges a spear through Crixus’ back.  Naevia watches on as her beloved is beheaded, as the viewer sees Crixus head fly into the air through the reflection of Naevia’s eyes.  The undefeated Gaul has fallen.

I’ll say it.  I don’t like how Crixus went out.  Sure, if he had fought Caesar one on one, we would have known the outcome.  Caesar would have fallen.  You couldn’t have Crixus fight someone like Theokoles or the main badass from Gods of the Arena; that wouldn’t have fit either.  What could they have done differently?  I understand that his death serves to elevate the hatred for Tiberius, and his resulting death will be that much sweeter for the viewer because of that.  Nonetheless, it just didn’t seem right.  Do you agree with how Crixus died?  What could they have done differently?

Review – 8.5 / 10 – Great

+ Spartacus and Crixus reminiscing about old times.

+ Caesar vs. Tiberius reaches absurd levels.

+ Crassus pummeling the Senator.

- Crixus death could have been handled better.  How?  I’m not sure.

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